Croftz GO - Governance Online
A robust system delivering a unique experience using modern best-in-class technologies and agile delivery methodologies..

Advanced tools & smart features to manage complex internal data & processes under one interface for all your compliance, risk, id verification & regulatory needs.
Address your financial crime compliance, AML & CFT needs with Data Driven & Intelligent Analytics

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Croftz Business Intelligence
Standard, Enhanced & Expert Due Diligence 
intelligence services

Use our investigative due diligence reports on subject individual and corporate entities and get insights on risk that can impact your business while on-boarding a new customer or retaining an existing one Comply with your regulatory obligations, including money laundering, sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption & other financial crime requirement

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Peo​ple,  Process,  Technology & Innovation 

Your Trusted Advisor
Consultancy services to your organisation on compliance, technology and business m atters

Highly experienced professionals with multi-industry background Expertise to advice and support on complex matter impacting your business Flexible to offer services at client location or remotely Industry specific support & solutions for financial services firm, RegTech firms, professional services, real estate, public sector​ 

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MiCHain - Croftz Multi Institutional Blockchain
Leverages several blockchain technologies under the surface that increase security & speed while reducing cost

MiChain is an innovative distributed ledger technology offering solutions for id management, compliance, risk management and verification.
Providing, frictionless identity management and screening with greater transparency, traceability and immutability with reduced compliance & acquisition costs

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Get support from an international team
Our support team covers mainland Europe, United Kingdom 
the Middle East & Asia

Our leadership team have come from highly regulated industries where they have faced complexities & challenges and have taken those challenges head on to create products & solutions. Helping organisations in meeting their regulatory obligations, prevent compliance breaches and managing reputational, regulatory and operational risks. 

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